Did Piracy Help X-Men Origins: Wolverine?


Going a bit against the grain when it comes to piracy discussions, Reid Rosefelt over at the Speedcine blog makes an interesting case why Wolverine’s unprecedented leak may have actually helped the film. Rosefelt compares the film’s $85 million opening weekend gross against other major release openings throughout 2009, and shows that it actually doesn’t stack up too badly.

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Milos Forman Says Movie Pirates Are Communists


At today’s World Copyright Summit, director Milos Forman (One Flew Over The Cukoo’s Nest, Amadeus) blasted individuals who pirate movies via the web, saying they aren’t engaging in democratic or capitalistic enterprise. What they’re “really doing is promoting a communist ideology,” he said. Forman was the keynote speaker at the summit, which (as the name implies) focuses on protecting creators’ rights. Piracy was a huge topic at the event, and Forman blasted the ethos behind it. “Pirates also think everything on the Internet should be free,” he said. “But that is like going into a department store or supermarket, and just because you got a shopping basket for free, everything in the basket should be free, too.” OK, that’s boilerplate (and quite legit) anti-piracy screed. It’s the Communism comment (and the opportunity it affords to mention some of Forman’s rarely discussed older movies) that is interesting. Read More »

Tracking the Piracy of 2008 Oscar-Nominated Films

Ever since the advent of DVD and bittorrent technology, it’s been inevitable: Studios that send out screeners to Academy members inevitably see those films end up pirated and downloaded on torrent sites. But just how extensive is the problem, and how has its pervasiveness changed over time?

In his post, “Pirating the 2009 Oscars,” Andy Baio from Waxy.org has put together a stunning and comprehensive analysis. Baio has been monitoring Oscar films and their rates of piracy for the past 6 years, most recently adding the 26 nominees for this year’s upcoming Oscar ceremony, which makes his list encompass a solid 211 films in total. Hit the jump for some of this year’s statistics.
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