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With the release of the buzzy Dune trailer last week, director Denis Villeneuve paid subtle homage to one of the past failed adaptations of Frank Herbert’s seminal sci-fi tome. The trailer featured a choral cover of the Pink Floyd song “Eclipse,” from the English band’s 1973 album Dark Side of the Moon.

But it was more than just a creepy cover of a rock song that makes the choice of Pink Floyd a surprising fit for the Dune trailer. Back in the ’70s, when Alejandro Jodorowsky famously attempted to make his own Dune adaptation, the director planned to hire Pink Floyd to compose the score. That movie never came to be, but its memory lives on in Villenueve’s Dune trailer with the “Eclipse,” cover, which composer Hans Zimmer confirmed was conceived by him and created remotely over FaceTime.

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The Force Awakens and Dark Side of the Moon

In case you somehow didn’t know, there is a common pairing of rock and motion pictures called Dark Side of the Rainbow. Basically, someone with too much time on their hands determined that Pink Floyd‘s seminal album Dark Side of the Moon matched up with the film The Wizard of Oz when played together. There are various ways in which to sync up the two pieces of entertainment, but if you see it for yourself, you’ll find that there are some very cool moments when they line up perfectly.

Now a Star Wars fan who comes right out and says he has a lot of free time has come to the conclusion that Star Wars: The Force Awakens was deliberately edited to go along with “Dark Side of the Moon”, and he’s provided a video to prove his point. Is there a link between The Force Awakens and Dark Side of the Moon? Find out below. Read More »

LOL: Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the… That’s No Moon

Pink Floyd's Dark Side of That's No Moon

Did you know that there is a website called ThatsNoMoon.com, and when you go there all you get is a photo of the Death Star? Original clip from Star Wars embedded after the jump.
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