Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep being who she is, it’s never particularly surprising when she signs on to work with an iconic actor. But her talent is such that we’re intrigued anyway, and this week she’s signed on for two interesting new projects. One featuring one of her first-ever co-stars, and another starring a fellow Oscar nominee I can’t believe she hasn’t worked with yet.

The first is The Good House, a “darkly comic” tale that’ll reunite the Deer Hunter duo of Streep and Robert De Niro. The other is the YA adaptation The Giver, which puts her opposite Jeff Bridges for the first time in their careers. (Though they nearly ended up together in the comedy Hope Springs.) More details on both movies after the jump.

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James McTeigue Directing ‘Bloodsport’ Reboot

There will be a new version of Bloodsport, the ’80s martial arts thriller in which Jean-Claude Van Damme fought Bolo Yeung and his pecs. (Above, JCVD shows off the reaction most of us would have when faced with the magnificence of said pectorals.) We’ve known about the remake for a long time, but now the movie has a director. James McTeigue (V for Vendetta, Ninja Assassin, The Raven) will make the movie. Read More »

Brenton Thwaites

Lois Lowry‘s dystopian YA novel The Giver came out in 1993 — well before The Hunger Games was even a twinkle in Suzanne Collins‘ eye — but it’s surely no coincidence that its movie adaptation is only really picking up steam now that The Hunger Games‘ box office success has spawned a million other dystopian YA franchises.

Jeff Bridges is attached to produce and star, as he has been for years, while Philip Noyce is directing. Now bringing the “YA” part into the equation is rising Aussie star Brenton Thwaites, who’ll be seen next year in Maleficent. Hit the jump to get all the details.

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Dystopian YA adaptations seem to be all the rage these days, and finally one of the classics of the subgenre is inching closer to the big screen. Phillip Noyce (Salt) has entered early talks to direct The Giver, based on Lois Lowry‘s Newbery-winning 1993 novel. Jeff Bridges, who’s been one of the driving forces behind the project during its nearly two decades of development, remains attached to star in the title role. More details after the jump.

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Since directing last year’s Salt, Phillip Noyce has been considering a number of different projects for his next move. There was the submarine drama Hunter Killer, which eventually went to Antoine Fuqua; the conservationist biopic Our Wild Life; the remake of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Bloodsport; and the sci-fi romance Timeless, which just cast Liam Hemsworth in the lead. Now he’s attached to one more. Noyce has signed on to helm The Arrangement, a Mandate Pictures thriller by Brian Tucker (Broken City) which is basically Indecent Proposal with more racial subtext. Hit the jump for more details.

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Philip Noyce to Remake ‘Bloodsport’

Yep, the headline says what you think it says. The 1988 Jean-Claude Van Damme film Bloodsport is going to be remade, and Philip Noyce, who last directed the rather silly film Salt, is going to be behind the camera. Read More »

The Angelina Jolie thriller Salt may have come and gone in the minds of some viewers. — neither of Jolie’s big films this year seemed to get much traction — but with a nearly $300 million worldwide take, the film is hardly a flop. Once marketing and everything else is factored in, the $110m film might be just breaking even, but that’s before DVD and all other ancillary revenue streams flow in. So, it is not unreasonable to expect a sequel.

In fact, back in August we heard that a sequel might be in the offing. Writer Kurt Wimmer had ideas about how to move forward, Angelina Jolie was reportedly ready to think about another one, and director Phillip Noyce was said to be interested in another chapter. But now he’s not. Read More »

Ryan Gosling to Star in New Jack Ryan Film?

Is CIA agent and future President Jack Ryan up for competing with the likes of cooler action heroes like Jason Bourne? Moviehole says that Philip Noyce, the director of ’90s Jack Ryan vehicles Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger,  has personally confirmed that he is not attached to a fifth film in the series but that one is being prepped to star actor Ryan Gosling. Gosling would be the fourth actor to take on the role, following Alec Baldwin (The Hunt for Red October), Harrison Ford (the Noyce films), and your favorite, Ben Affleck (2002’s The Sum of All Fears).

Moreover, Noyce previously confirmed that a Jack Ryan movie was in the works but would not involve input from the character’s creator, author Tom Clancy. It seems that Paramount Pictures owns the movie rights to Jack Ryan and can make him bark or hop on one leg at will. How about some more Noyce? Noyce was attached to direct a film entitled By Any Means Necessary about “a cop who turns to a mobster for inside information to prevent a terrorist attack,” but director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) is now on board. The consensus seems to be that this film will be massaged into a young Jack Ryan picture starring Gosling a la Affleck’s outing.

Gosling’s performance in The Notebook earned the females’ attention, Half Nelson earned him an Oscar nom, Fracture opposite Anthony Hopkins upped his exposure, and his last film, Lars and the Real Girl, was thought to be a quirky indie sleeper like Juno but proved a non-starter and split critics. A big budget action film sounds about right, unless he wants to keep to the Johnny Depp route. Any Tom Clancy fans not stoked about this news?