Sample the Rejected Rock Score for The Wolfman


Many changes were wrought to Joe Johnston‘s The Wolfman during production, many of which we talked about yesterday. One of the last-stage changes was a switch from Danny Elfman‘s original score to a new one by electronic/rock composer Paul Haslinger. Originally working as part of Tangerine Dream in the mid ’80s, Haslinger had a part in scoring films like Near Dark, Miracle Mile and Three O’Clock High. (That one is such a fun, underrated little movie.) He moved on to score films like Death Race and Underworld, which made him seem like an odd fit for The Wolfman. Indeed, at the last minute, the film’s producers went back to Danny Elfman’s score, bolstered by additions from other composers.

Now there’s a clip of Haslinger’s rejected score online, so you can hear what might have been. Read More »

Danny Elfman’s Score is Back in The Wolfman


The Wolfman opens on February 12, but until then it seems like anything could happen with the film. For months the project has been beset by news and rumors of alternate cuts, different teams of editors, new effects, reshoots and the fact that Danny Elfman‘s score was junked in favor of music by Paul Haslinger.

But wait! Now there’s a report that Elfman’s score is back in, though it will need to be bolstered by other music. Read More »


I suppose there’s no small amount of irony here. The original trailer for the upcoming revamp of The Wolfman didn’t work nearly as well as the later, more music video-like version, which featured the sort of pseudo-industrial rock that you might expect to hear accompanying an Underworld or Paul W.S. Anderson movie. Now we’ve learned that Danny Elfman, the original composer for this Wolfman score, has left the project. His replacement? Paul Haslinger, who scored the first and third Underworld movies and Anderson’s Death Race remake. Read More »