French director Pascal Laugier got an international reputation for his film Martyrs, which was the ne plus ultra of torture porn films, a movie that found a weird salvation in a devastatingly a tormented character. Laugier’s follow-up has been a long time coming, thanks in part to a flirtation with the Hellraiser remake.

After rolling out to some festivals, his new film The Tall Man is ready to hit US shores, and we’ve got an early look at the film thanks to a French trailer. This is a very different film from Martyrs, as it casts Jessica Biel in a much softer thriller that has vague echoes of Silent Hill. There’s a small town, an old evil, and even Jodelle Ferland, who played a key role in the original Silent Hill film. The film has faced middling reviews at festivals, and not just because it isn’t as crazy as Martyrs. But we can hope that it might have been tightened up just a bit before the wide release.

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Briefly: Sadly, The Tall Man is not the name of a sequel to Phantasm being directed by Martyrs director Pascal Laugier. It is the name of Laugier’s next film, which already counted Jessical Biel as the lead. Now the film, a suspense thriller, also boasts Jodelle Ferland (Eclipse, Tideland) and a handful of other actors. Bloody Disgusting reports that in addition to Ferland, the film has added Teach Grant (The Dead Zone), William B. Davis (The X-Files), and Samantha Ferris (Supernatural) to the cast.

We don’t know much about the film, though I expect it won’t be as relentlessly and graphically brutal as Martyrs. B-D calls the film a “long time dream project” of the director’s, and also says that it in the vein of early M. Night Shyamalan films. So: dark, brooding, quiet. Hopefully not so reliant upon a twist. Plotwise, we just have that Jessica Biel plays ” a woman who must grapple with and track the mysterious figure of The Tall Man who has kidnapped her child.”


It seems that rasp-voiced cigar-hog Clive Barker has been posting to Twitter under the name RealCliveBarker, and posting good stuff too. In just the last few days, he’s managed to spark up two very interesting flames. First, the good news: It seems that all of the missing footage from Nightbreed has been tracked down, safe and sound, and a director’s cut is now a possibility. Now, the bad news: Barker has also reported that Martyrs director Pascal Laugier is off of the Hellraiser remake. More details on both of these stories after the break.

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