News on the Evil Dead remake seems to be coming fast and furious today. Last night we heard that Sam Raimi‘s longtime editor was headed to Detroit to work on the film. I scoffed at the report somewhat, thinking that it might have been a mistaken bit of information based on the fact that Raimi’s Oz: The Great and Powerful is also gearing up to shoot in Michigan.

But Bruce Campbell‘s new (as-yet unverified) Twitter account quickly told people to believe in the remake, and now there is word of a director for the film: young Uruguayan filmmaker Federico Alvarez, who made a directing deal with Sam Raimi’s Ghost House pictures when his short film Panic Attack! became an internet sensation in 2009. Read More »

David Fincher Options ‘Panic Attack’

Last year, David Fincher signed a development deal with Media Rights Capitol that would cover the financing of a couple films, and the new step in moving forward with pictures under that deal is the formation of a company called Panic Pictures. Perhaps appropriately, the first property optioned for the company is a thriller called Panic Attack, which Ted Griffin (Ocean’s Eleven, Tower Heist) will script. Read More »


The hotly tipped future talent of the minute is Federico Alvarez, a 30 year old Uruguyan behind the YouTube smash sci-fi short called Panic Attack – which you can see below the break. So far, Alvarez seems to be following a very similar racing line to the one Neill Blomkamp has roared around over the last few years.

Whereas Blomkamp’s breakthrough short was Alive in Joburg, a shaky-cam alien invasion picture set in South Africa, Alvarez has now made his crash landing with Panic Attack… a shaky-cam alien invasion picture set in Uruguay. The latter features rather more giant robots, however, which you may see as a very good thing.

Blomkamp’s protector/mentor in making the transition to feature length filmmaking was Peter Jackson, while Alvarez has in turn been taken under the wing of Sam Raimi. Apparently the two have already spoken at length and the expectation is that Raimi will help Alvarez make the transition to feature filmmaking without too much interference from suits and money men.

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