SNL - Bill Hader as Stefon

Zombieland dies a second death as Amazon decides to pass on the series. Also after the jump:

  • SNL loses Bill Hader, retains Seth Meyers
  • Downton Abbey gets parodied by Diddy and The Simpsons; sets a U.S. premiere date
  • HIMYM‘s entire ninth season will take place over one weekend
  • Is NBC’s Hannibal headed to cable television?
  • USA is still flirting with Happy Endings
  • HBO picks up Mike Judge‘s new show and a “gay Girls
  • Netflix encourages you to “insert Tobias anywhere”
  • CBS has another new trailer for Under the Dome
  • The CW shows off its new 2013-2014 series

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Last year, Joaquin Phoenix startled a good few of us when he announced that he was retiring from acting to pursue a career in music.  Many were rather skeptical, and most pictured something like Walk the Line, with Phoenix a strummin’ and a singin’.  Of course, those folks all turned out to be wrong.

It has now been announced that Casey Affleck is following Phoenix and filming his musical endeavours for a documentary, but those of us who have been paying really close attention have known this since November at least.  Back then, a number of images surfaced of Phoenix performing at Funkmosphere in Culver City – one of which is above.  Below the break I’ll give you the actual surprising news as well where to see a video of Phoenix rapping.

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