New Juno Movie Poster


Fox Searchlight has released a new poster for Jason Reitman’s Juno (which as yout already know, I loved loved LOVED). The poster that was released last month was a film festival exclusive. I’m glad they came up with something a little more attractive. I’m still not digging the orange and white stripe theme, and wish they did more with the hand drawn theme (see logo). The new poster features a quote from Roger Ebert:

“A Fresh, Unusually Intelligent Comedy With Dialogue So Quick And Funny You Feel The Actors Are Preforming It On A High Wire.”

Check out the new poster after the jump.

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New Photos: Juno


As we said in our review, Jason Reitman’s Juno is not only our favorite movie of the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival, but also probably my favorite film of the year thus far. If Searchlight markets this thing right, it could be the next Little Miss Sunshine. Even better than that, it has more appeal to the youth market. Fox Searchlight has released a few new production photos, which you can view after the jump. Hopefully they will release a movie trailer soon, so you can see more about what I’m talking about. Read More »