Oliver Twist movie

Another day, another big announcement about Disney’s plans to remake a classic tale. But this one sounds a little more offbeat than most. The Mouse House is planning an Oliver Twist movie musical, with Ice Cube set to play Fagin and (wait for it) Hamilton director Thomas Kail set to helm. It might not sound like the most obvious combination, but then again neither did hip-hop and the American Revolution, and look how that turned out.  Read More »

World's End

Even as Edgar Wright preps his next two directorial efforts, he’s found time to work on another screenplay. Wright has submitted a rewrite of Dodge and Twist, an action-oriented steampunk sequel to Charles DickensOliver Twist. Think Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes, only with Oliver and the Artful Dodger.

More details on the Edgar Wright Dodge and Twist script after the jump.  Read More »

Charles Dickens is now afflicted with Sherlock Holmes syndrome. That’s the new, action-oriented Holmes from Warner Bros. and Guy Ritchie — not any of the other versions that have existed over the years.

When a creator tells stories with universal appeal they invariably become subject to contexts and varied re-tellings that never would have occurred to the originator. By and large that’s a good thing, but occasionally it means that a silly idea gets traction. And so be prepared for Dodge and Twist, which will re-tell Charles Dickens’ novel Oliver Twist in the context of a period film with modern action thrills, just like we’ve seen in the two Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes films. Read More »

It seems like years ago that parkour was the next big thing — hell, Bond movies often lag a couple years behind trends in action, and it was Casino Royale in 2006 that brought the free-running urban sport to that franchise. But we just heard about Tracers, a bike messenger/parkour project selling at Cannes with Taylor Lautner in the lead. And now there is another movie that will feature stunt men climbing walls and running roofs.

This one, however, sounds a bit more weird. How so? Check it out: Twist is an indie 3D action version of Oliver Twist, the Charles Dickens novel. Funding the project is Red Bull which, as ad viewers know, gives you wings — wings enough to leap onto buildings, it seems. Read More »