Given the heavy love movie studios have for remakes in the past few years, I’m surprised the George Burns comedy Oh, God! hasn’t been grist for the mill. As it turns out, not for lack of trying. Deadline reports that producer Jerry Weintraub has been trying to remake the film in which God (George Burns) appears to a grocer (John Denver) and chooses him to bring His word to the modern world.

Weintraub’s latest idea is to have Betty White play the George Burns role, with Paul Rudd playing the John Denver part. That’s a pretty inspired idea, but it would have been more inspired a year ago so the film could be on screens now, just as White is riding a wave of popularity. This is just a pitch for now, so don’t get too excited about Betty White playing God. But if fan interest could help get her on SNL, you never know…

In the meantime, more likely to actually happen is an adaptation of the novel Occupied City by David Peace. Read More »