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Too bad Russ has already filled the week’s /Film: The Movie quota, because this post is writhing on the floor for our fave bad joke. Director Bill Condon (Dreamgirls, Kinsey) is developing and writing a proposed half-hour series for HBO set in the hectic and catty world of Hollywood movie blogging. If the network takes the next step forward, THR reports that Condon would direct the pilot episode, in addition to being the series’ executive-producer.

Oddly titled, Tilda, with no relation to the ivory actress, the lead character is said to be a female, take-no-prisoners veteran writer/blogger, which automatically conjures Deadline’s L.A.-based Nikki Finke, followed by the less polarizing and /Filmcast-friended Anne Thompson. I checked and was disappointed to find that Finke has not yet commented on the series using a characteristic “TOLDJA!” and complimentary clip art of a monitor and a steaming cup of joe.

Sharing writing and producing duties on Tilda is Cynthia Mort, who worked on Will & Grace and created the sexually provocative, short-lived HBO series (and Adam Scott-starrer) Tell Me You Love Me. Regarding Tilda, it could offer a field day for insidery jokes and awkward sweatshirt-clad cameos from West Coast peers. Further blending the worlds of film and high-concept teevee, Condon recently helmed the pilot for Showtime’s cancer-topical comedy series The C Word.

Harvey Weinstein Already Wants to Make Rambo V


Like two puppies in love, Harvey Weinstein and Nikki Finke had their requisite Sunday chat today, with Weinstein declaring that he’s quite pumped up about Rambo‘s combined domestic and international box office potential, while Finke’s sentiments are, adorably, the exact opposite. Serving as executive producer on the fourth Rambo film, which opened in second place this weekend, grossing $18.2 million, Weinstein also said that he’s hungry for a sequel, and this time he wants Rambo to come back to America.

“I like the idea of an older guy kicking ass. Maybe it’s because I’m older, too,” added Weinstein.

Sylvester Stallone has stated many times that, while Rocky Balboa’s days on film are up, he’d love to bring John Rambo back. Recently, we reported that Stallone emphasized adding “another element of the surreal [to a Rambo V] that would actually take the audience into a slightly different genre.”

Weinstein said he expects Rambo to do $50 million domestically, with $100-150 million on top of that internationally, where Stallone is a bigger draw. Both the speculated sci-fi or superhero slant and a return to the states sound like good moves, creative and business-wise, for the franchise and the Rambo character to me. You?