A Nightmare on Elm Street - Freddy Krueger Nike Shoes

Even though the first official day of fall isn’t upon us until later this month, Halloween lovers are already getting in the spirit of the spooky season. Even though this year the holiday won’t be quite as fun as usual thanks to the coronavirus pandemic keeping us scared throughout almost all of 2020, Nike has something that might make up for it.

This fall, Nike is releasing a new Air Max 95 pair of sneakers inspired by A Nightmare on Elm Street dream slasher Freddy Krueger. Not only do they feature the movie monster’s signature sweater colors, but there are touches of metallic silver to represent Freddy’s signature bladed gloves, and there are some killer bloody accents too. Check out the Freddy Krueger Nike shoes below. Read More »

Nike Stranger Things Shoes

Summer is heating up, and that means the third season of Stranger Things is getting closer. We’ve got less than a month until new episodes hit Netflix, and to further tease the new mysteries and danger that will be coming to Hawkins, Indiana, a new synopsis for the third season gives a vague glimpse of what’s in store for our teenage characters in the summer of 1985. But that’s not all.

Hyping up the vibe of the summer of ’85, Nike has created an official line of Stranger Things shoes and gear inspired by the color scheme of Hawkins High School and the style of that gloriously goofy decade. You can check out the new Nike Stranger Things shoes, hoodie, and more below. Read More »

back to the future nikes

Nike promised the futuristic self-lacing sneakers sometime in 2015, but we’ve heard no official announcements since shoe designer Tinker Hatfield made comments earlier this year hinting that a release would come by the end of the year. So where are they? A new tweet gives us clues to a possible release date.

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Technically, we’ve still got one year to go before Marty McFly is due to fly in from 1985 in his DeLorean. But so far, it’s not looking all that likely that next year will deliver on the oddly ’80s-ish future promised in Back to the Future Part II. There are no hoverboards in the streets, the Jaws frachise stalled after four installments, and fax machines are growing more obsolete by the day.

Still, there’s at least one detail that’s sure to come true if Tinker Hatfield has anything to do with it. The Nike designer has revealed that power laces are indeed coming in 2015, just as Back to the Future Part II said they would. More on the announcement after the jump.

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Nike is well-known for doing beautiful commercials directed by some of the biggest filmmakers of yesterday, today and tomorrow. (See examples one, two, three.) The company’s latest spot is right up there with the great ones. Directed by talented filmmaker Patrick Boivin, it stars Spanish soccer star Andrés Iniesta as a marionette. The whole thing is done in stop-motion and is produced by legendary stop-motion studio Aardman Animation, the creators of Wallace & Gromit. Check it out below. Read More »

Update from Editor Peter Sciretta: The Back to the Future-inspired Nike MAG sneakers are now available on nikemag.ebay.com. The sneakers are being released in a limited edition and auctioned to benefit The Michael J. Fox Foundation. After the jump you can watch a commercial for the promotion directed by Back to the Future series producer (and second unit director) Frank Marshall and starring Bill Hader and Kevin Durant. I wish I could get my hands on a pair of these sneakers, but the auctions have already ballooned into the thousands within the first few minutes.

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