Dwayne Johnson alpha squad seven

Dwayne Johnson never stops. He’s got San Andreas later this month, a new HBO series called Ballers coming soon, he’s filming a comedy with Kevin Hart called Central Intelligence, is a voice in a new Disney movie Moana, was just in the biggest movie of the year, Furious 7, and will eventually be a super-villain in Shazam. Johnson’s star is rising so fast the only place left to go is space.

Now, Johnson is attached to a brand new sci-fi action comedy called Alpha Squad Seven which just sold to Dreamworks. Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer are behind the pitch. They’re writing the sequel to the Jaden Smith Karate Kid film and created a Hollywood bidding war with this “four-quadrant action-comedy adventure set in space.” Read more about Alpha Squad Seven below. Read More »

karate kid 2 director

Though Sony was quick to announce plans for The Karate Kid 2 after the success of 2010’s The Karate Kid, the actual movie has been slow in coming. It wasn’t until earlier this year that the sequel finally found a director in Breck Eisner — and now it seems it’s directorless again as Eisner has exited.

But progress is still being made, even if it’s not all that swift. Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer have just been tapped to rewrite the script. Hit the jump for all the latest updates on the project.

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A Remake of ‘The Bodyguard’ Is In The Works

In the second piece of Kevin Costner-related news this week, Warner Brothers has decided to remake their 1992 film The Bodyguard. They’ve hired screenwriters Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer, who wrote the 2010 Black List film Family Getaway, to update the original story of a Secret Service agent turned bodyguard who falls in love with his client, a popular singer. In the new film, the bodyguard will be an Iraqi war vet who has to deal with the ability of social media and celebrity journalism to make the life of a celebrity more public than ever. The female role, which was played by Whitney Houston in the original, is being eyed as a starring vehicle for a “young female singer with global appeal.” Read more after the break. Read More »