bird box cameo

Bird Box is Netflix’s latest sensation, purportedly becoming the streaming giant’s best-performing original film ever. So it doesn’t need any reality show stars to up its profile — the movie already stars acting heavyweights Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, John Malkovich, and Trevante Rhodes. But in a  blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance, Nev Schulman, host of the MTV series Catfish, makes a surprise appearance in the apocalyptic horror film. While this Bird Box cameo may have come about by accident, it provides a great Easter egg for fans of both Bird Box and the MTV reality show Catfish.

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Made for $30,000 and grossing over $3 million, Catfish is an amazing story both on screen and off. Its “don’t ruin it for me” plot helped turn it into one of the can’t miss indie films of the year but controversy over the film’s validity was questioned almost immediately. Now, The Hollywood Reporter has learned of a brand new lawsuit issued by Threshold Media against the distributors of the 2010 Sundance documentary darling, Relativity Media and Universal, demanding licensing fees for a song that plays a major role in the film. If the case makes it to trial, it could force filmmakers Ariel Schulman, Nev Schulman and Henry Joost to swear the validity of their movie under oath.

The controversy surrounding Catfish hypothetically stopped the film from making the list of documentary films eligible for an Oscar this year and, though they’ve sworn up and down in the press that the film is real, they haven’t had to do so under fear of perjury.

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The first rule of Catfish is you do not talk about Catfish. But beware, that rule is being broken this week. The thrilling documentary that first screened at the Sundance Film Festival is at its best when the viewer knows as little about it as possible. Since the movie has been out for a few weeks now, has made over $1.5 million and is still expanding, some of the secrets are certainly out of the bag. However, if you have yet to see the film and are still planning on it, definitely avoid ABC’s 20/20 on Friday. They are reportedly doing a feature on the film that will include the first public interview with a subject firmly at the center of the mystery. If you have seen the film, you know what we are talking about and will be tuning in for sure. Hit the jump to read more but be warned, there will be spoilers. Read More »

One of the big hits out of Sundance this year was Catfish, a film about a boy who falls for a girl via the internet, then takes a trip to meet her in person. It’s one of those films that relies upon mystery from moment one — basically, everyone I know who has seen the film says it’s best to go in knowing as little as possible. So ask yourself — do you want to watch the trailer below? Read More »