Oh, Mark Millar. It’s come to the point where I don’t really believe anything the comics writer says. Or I can’t take it at face value, at least. The guy loves to talk, especially when it comes to ‘news’ about the film adaptations of his comics. Today Millar is talking about the prospects for Kick-Ass 2 which, based on a literal interpretation of his most recent comment, is ready to go forward. And he’s namedropping Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp in relation to the adaptation of his “what if Bruce Wayne was a dick?” series Nemesis. Read More »



This week, David Chen, Devindra Hardawar, and Adam Quigley express little hope for Tony Scott’s Unstoppable, chat about the special features on the Kick-Ass Blu-Ray, and discuss the end of the superhero movie. Special guest Eric D. Snider joins us from film.com and Cinematical.

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Back in December, Mark Millar was talking up his new comic series, Nemesis, created with artist Steven McNiven. The concept is simple: what if a Bruce Wayne type became The Joker instead of Batman? Almost immediately there was discussion about a possible film. Some of that was discounted, because Millar talks up possible films rather often. He floated Guy Ritchie and Sam Raimi as possible Nemesis directors, for instance. But this one is moving forward, and possibly fast.

Furthermore, as if Tony Scott didn’t have enough projects on the fire (we just mentioned him being in talks to direct The Associate, and he’s got several other things going) the director is now attached to direct Nemesis. Read More »

Mark Millar‘s Nemesis is an upcoming comic series that, apparently, I shouldn’t really describe with the phrase “What if Bruce Wayne was the Joker?” because the DC legal people really don’t like it. That was Millar’s great pitch in an interview back in December, and it immediately created a huge surge of interest in not only the comics but their inevitable big-screen adaptation.

Though Marvel will publish the comics, the rights will remain with Millar and artist Steve McNiven and they will be free to sell the movie option to whoever they see fit. Millar maintains that he’s not going to discuss any deals until March, perfectly timed with the peak of Kick-Ass mania and when the first issue of Nemesis hits shelves to undoubtedly sell out multiple print runs, but it seems that he’s already receiving interest.

After the break, some quotes from the man himself about the supposedly very real possibility that either Sam Raimi or Guy Ritchie will become the film’s director.

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Mark Millar (Wanted, Kick Ass) is such a hot property these days that the mere mention of a new project from him has Hollywood-types chomping at the bit. The comic in question is Nemesis, a new series that Millar is working on with illustrator Steve McNiven. The two worked together previously on Civil War, and the post-apocalyptic Wolverine tale, Old Man Logan.

With Nemesis, they’re aiming to turn the handsome and privileged bachelor template (epitomized by the likes of Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark) on its head—by making him a Joker-level super-villain.

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