Showtime is going to make Neil Jordan‘s dreams come true. The filmmaker has toyed with projects involving the history of Renaissance family the Borgias for some time, and now Showtime has ordered a series for which Jordan will be executive producer. The Borgias will star Jeremy Irons as Rodrigo Borgia, and Jordan will direct the first two episodes. Read More »

Neil Gaiman appeared on this morning’s Today Show to discuss Coraline, as well as his newly Newberry winning The Graveyard Book. Shortly before he went on air, Gaiman twittered that he had been given the go ahead to reveal who was set to write and direct a big screen adaptation of The Graveyard Book and once he was in the hot seat, he was good to his word.

Rather fantastically, the name he gave was none other than Neil Jordan.

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The Brave One Movie Poster

The Brave One PosterWarner Bros has sent us the new theatrical poster for The Brave One, the new Neil Jordan (The Crying Game) film which stars Jodie Foster, Naveen Andrews, Terrence Howard and Mary Steenburgen. Earlier this month we showed you the film’s trailer, which got our attention.

Click on the poster to the right to see it in high res. The Brave One hits theaters on September 14th 2007 (up against the Jet Li vs. Jason Statham action thriller War).

Stephen King’s Son Goes to the Movies

Heart-Shaped BoxA couple weeks ago I was browsing through a book store with a friend when we came across Joe Hill’s Heart-Shaped Box. The name and cover was enough to catch my eye. But not enough to get me to buy it. The independent book store had a small printed author biography that revealed Hill as Stephen King’s son. That’s right – THE Stephen King. I wondered out loud why that fact was left of the book’s cover, and why Hill did not keep King’s last name. It was probably to avoid stories like this with headlines like this.

I later found out that Hill chose his pen name in an effort to succeed based on his own merits. Only after winning a few awards (including the Bram Stoker Award for best fiction collection) did Hill reveal his identity. And of course now Warner Bros is suddenly interested in his book.

And today it was announced that Neil Jordan (The Crying Game, Interview with the Vampire) will rewrite and direct Heart-Shaped Box for Warner.

So what is the book about? Jude Coyne, a middle aged rock-star, is a collector of all things strange and gruesome. One day, Jude buys a ghost on a third party site like eBay and it changes Jude’s life for the worse.

Sounds interesting.