the real right stuff premiere

Disney+ is all about the Mercury 7, America’s first team of NASA astronauts, with a new TV series remake of Philip Kaufman’s space drama classic The Right Stuff debuting on the platform. And a new documentary about the real men behind the Mercury program set to join it. The Real Right Stuff is a documentary about the Mercury 7 from National Geographic that has just set its premiere on Disney+ this November.

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Disney+ free trial

Disney+ won’t launch in the United States until November 12. But viewers over in the Netherlands are already enjoying Disney’s new streaming services thanks to an early two month free trial available until the launch date. Thankfully, some of the more excited Disney fans have taken to YouTube with a glimpse at how Disney+ operates, the content available, and much more. So let’s dive into this Disney+ free trial and see how the service looks. Read More »

the world according to jeff goldblum trailer

Grab a cup of joe and sit down with your favorite kooky uncle (or forever heartthrob, depending on your preference), to find out what The World According to Jeff Goldblum looks like. And based on the new trailer that debuted at Disney’s D23 Expo, it looks pretty magical. The National Geographic original series, which is set to premiere on Disney+, follows actor and jazz musician extraordinaire Jeff Goldblum as he pursues his various, wildly different, interests and becomes a “humble student” of the world. Watch The World According to Jeff Goldblum trailer below.

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“It was all started by a mouse.”

Disney unveiled its highly anticipated new streaming service Disney+ at its Investor Day presentation Thursday, a service that will present a strong rival to current powerhouse streaming platforms Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and others. With its historic acquisition of 20th Century Fox this year, Disney has already eliminated a potential competitor by acquiring the majority stake in Hulu, which it will offer in a bundle alongside other paid subscription services like ESPN+. That’s in addition to Disney+’s massive collection that includes new and old Disney, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, and National Geographic titles.

Here’s everything we’ve learned about the Disney+ streaming service, including how its interface works, and the platform’s extensive collection of new, old, and original titles.

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Making of Free Solo

Have you heard of Free Solo? There’s a chance you might have since there’s a lot of buzz about this documentary that follows rock climber Alex Honnold as he attempts to complete a free solo climb (which is without any ropes, harnesses or other safety equipment) up the 3,000-foot vertical rock formation known as El Capitan in Yosemite National Park in California. That’s a tall order, no pun intended, but almost as challenging was being able to capture this club without disrupting the climber himself.

In a new video, directors Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin explain how they and their expert camera crew scaled the mountain along with Alex Honnold to get the best shots possible. But the crew also employed remote cameras and other tech savvy skills in order to get the tfootage they need. However, beware of some spoilers for Free Solo since they do give away some of the struggles during the climb itself.

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Ron Howard National Geographic series

Director Ron Howard is currently in post-production on another one of Professor Robert Langdon’s (Tom Hanks) adventures, Inferno, but he’s already found another project to focus on once he’s finished with his third Dan Brown adaptation. Howard will direct the pilot of National Geographic’s first scripted series, Genius, an anthology drama about the world’s greatest innovators. Season one of Genius, which has already been given a straight-to-series order, will focus on Albert Einstein.

Learn more about the Ron Howard National Geographic series below.

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Indiana Jones was famous for saying that things belong in a museum, so he probably would have loved a museum that not only traveled, but had his name on it. Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.

Indiana Jones and the Adventures of Archeology, presented by National Geographic, is a traveling exhibit that features original props from the four films as well as an interactive tour of actual sites shedding light on the Holy Grail and Arc of the Covenant and much more. It recently opened at the Montreal Science Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and will remain there until September 18. Then, it’ll embark on a tour of Europe and Asia. So, as of now, this is the only North American stop. Read More »