What is JJ Abrams’ Next Mystery Project?


Mad speculation time.

We’ve known that Paramount would be making new Star Trek and Mission: Impossible movies at some point, and that JJ Abrams, director of the last installment in each franchise, would likely be involved as producer, though possibly not as director. We also knew that the studio had picked up a couple of other options for Abrams to produce and possibly direct. Now a cryptic statement by Paramount chief Brad Grey suggests that the next film for Abrams will indeed not be Trek or M:I, but something else altogether. Read More »

Paramount has purchased the rights to an article which ran in the New York Times on June 12th called Mystery on Fifth Avenue. JJ Abrams will produce a feature film based on the article which describes a 14th-floor apartment on upper Fifth Avenue which contains a Rube Goldberg maze of systems and contraptions conceived by a young architectural designer named Eric Clough. Apparently the apartment comes with its own soundtrack and a book, featuring a fictional narrative which will help their four pre-teen children uncover some the secrets, messages, games and treasures hidden inside the furniture and walls.

Screenwriters Maya Forbes and Wally Wolodarsky (The Rocker) have been hired to weave the idea into a feature film. I can definitely see a movie in the same vein as Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events or Spiderwick Chronicles (but without the fantasy elements), where a group of children must uncover the secrets of their New York City apartment, possibly in an attempt to save their parents or grandparents. You can read the entire article on NYTimes.com, or better yet, check out 15 photos from the real life Fifth Avenue apartment at this link.

source: THR