Air Strike Bruce Willis

Sometimes trailers slip through the cracks, ready to be lost in the digital ether like tears in rain. But not on our watch – not today. We’ve rounded up a few recent trailers for you to check out below: a Bruce Willis/Adrian Brody joint called Air Strike, Peter Dinklage in an HBO original called My Dinner with Hervé, Game of ThronesDavid Bradley in a horror film called Await Further Instructions, a German thriller called Four Hands, an alien abduction story called Beyond the Sky, and more.
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My Pet Dinosaur Trailer

Plenty of movies have tried to capture the same magic as E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Perhaps most famous is the abysmal, blatant ripoff Mac and Me, which provides endless, unintentional laughs, but there are plenty more than have come and gone. It’s hard to manufacture the kind of genuine wonder and emotion that came from Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi classic. However, a new family film from Australia is making a valiant attempt.

My Pet Dinosaur is a sci-fi adventure that follows a young boy who stumbles upon what appears to be a tiny dinosaur, the product of a military experiment that sparked some unexpected consequences. It should come as no surprise that the government is in close pursuit. Keeping the dinosaur secret becomes a bit of a challenge as it grows exponentially in a very short period of time.

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