Turner Classic Movies Reframed Series

As society has progressed over time, cultural touchstones from the past have become outdated and in some cases problematic. That can make revisiting classic films a little troublesome. How can we revisit, revere and respect classic movies that have such blatantly racist characters and outdated depictions of our culture? Turner Classic Movies may have the answer.

The cable network known for keeping the love for classic films alive is kicking off a new series tonight called Reframed: Classic Films in the Rearview Mirror. With films ranging from the 1920s through the 1960s, the series will host discussions about 18 culturally significant films that are considered classics of cinema but also have problematic aspects to them. The hope is to provide context so that the films can both be appreciated and scrutinized. Read More »


After last week’s flurry of great big casting stories, we’re going to start small today. Paul Dano will appear in For Ellen, from director So Young Kim, who last made In Between Days. Dano will be “a struggling indie rocker who, after nearly wrecking his car during an overnight long-distance drive, arrives in a small Midwestern town to deal with his impending divorce.” I’m OK with all that, despite a logline that sounds like it covers such familiar and self-conscious indie ground, but less so with the word that Jon Heder will co-star. [Variety]

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Have to admit, I’m a bit surprised that a remake of My Fair Lady has generated as much talk as it has in 2009, but that’s what happens when a couple of very high profile names get attached. (And not to really knock it, especially if it sticks close to the original Pygmalion, as reportedly it will.) Legit attachments have included Stephen Daldry and Baz Luhrmann. Then it was Danny Boyle circling the project. He bounced away from it to do 127 Hours, and there’s talk that part of the reason Boyle didn’t do the film is because he couldn’t interest Daniel Day-Lewis in the lead role. Then there was talk of Atonement‘s Joe Wright directing the film, but that turned out to be speculative poop, for the most part. Wright denied any involvement flat-out.

Now there’s a real bit of news: Shakespeare in Love director John Madden is in talks to direct. Read More »


It’s nothing like the merry-go-round of screenwriters but it does sometimes seem that pretty much all studio pictures go through a few directors on their way to the screen. Very often a director will board a project, wrestle with it for months, if not years, then depart. Other times, a whole list of directors will have passed pretty much as soon as they close the script and a project can find some time to find somebody willing to commit.

The last we told you, Marc Forster was going to direct zombie epic World War Z from a script by Matthew Carnahan. Some rumours bubbled up in the summer that he was off the project, but died down pretty quickly, and now word is definitely that he’s very much still in the driving seat. On the other hand, our last report on Joe Wright told you that he would be directing Keira Knightley in a new version of My Fair Lady and that, it has now become clear, isn’t the case at all.

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Keira Knightley has been informally linked to a remake of My Fair Lady for some time now. It was always something of a no brainer to see her as the most likely candidate, and I suspect some of the previous stories were nothing more than guess work based more upon her cheekbones than any inside information. Now, however, she’s been more concretely linked to the project once again and Joe Wright has been named as the director. You’ll likely recall that he collaborated with Knightley previously on Pride and Prejudice and Atonement before tarnishing his Adademy cred a little with The Soloist.

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There’s been a whole lot of Danny Boyle in the news these last couple of weeks and now, I’m afraid to say, here comes another lump. Open up.

Rumors bubbling up at the EW Hollywood Insider blog suggest that Danny Boyle is closing in on a remake of My Fair Lady. This rehash already has a script, penned by Emma Thompson, and will once again be a musical. I suspect a lot of /Film readers will be disappointed to read that Boyle’s desire to net the Lady gig will see him shelving Hanna, a more readily geek-appealing story of a teenage assassin.

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