murder bury win trailer

Screw, marry, kill? Nah, that’s out. How about murder, bury, or win? That’s the concept of a new game created by three ambitious young men trying to break into the board game industry in Michael Lovan‘s directorial debut Murder Bury Win. But things get out of hand when they’re approached by a mysterious benefactor who takes their game a little too literally.

/Film is debuting the official Murder Bury Win trailer, and revealing the film’s April release date set by Gravitas Ventures, which just recently acquired the dark comedy-thriller. Watch the Murder Bury Win trailer below.

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murder bury win clip

We’re debuting an exclusive clip from Murder Bury Win, a new dark comedy that’s having its Texas Premiere at Austin Film Festival on October 22. In the movie, three friends create a board game that they hope will lead them to success. It doesn’t work out – which leads the trio to turn to a mysterious make who is willing to publish the game as long as he can take credit for it. In the exclusive clip below, the trio of game creators meets with this mysterious guy – who hands them a bear trap for some reason.

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