Doom Patrol cast

While movies based on DC Comics characters have been hit or miss over the past few years, DC has been dominating when it comes to small screen entertainment. Now the company is looking to expand its empire with DC Universe, a new digital platform that will offer comics, access to existing shows and movies, and brand new original series.

One of the platform’s new shows is a live-action version of Doom Patrol, and now the show has cast fan-favorite actor Alan Tudyk (Firefly, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) to play the villain, a character known as Mr. Nobody. Read more about the newest addition to the Doom Patrol cast below.
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Mr. Nobody Trailer


The first trailer for Mr. Nobody is now online for the second time, courtesy of Quiet Earth. Earlier this week a version dubbed into French popped up in a few places, but despite being the latest from Belgian director Jaco van Dormael, Mr. Nobody is in fact an English language movie and this is our first chance to hear the on-screen performers deliver their dialogue. The full promo has been embedded below the break and I recommend it fully.

The film stars Jared Leto, Sarah Polley, Diane Kruger and Rhys Ifans and, judging by this trailer, Daniel Mays has a pretty tasty role too. I shared the following synopsis of the film when I posted some stills from the film a few months back:

Mr. Nemo Nobody is 35 years old and lives an ordinary life with his wife and three kids but, somehow, he one day wakes up in the swimming pool of an opulent mansion in the year 2092. Not only is he the oldest man in the entire world, at 120, he’s also the only mortal man – nobody else is ever going to die. He tries to work out what is real, and if his real life is the one he should have lived.

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I’ll never forget my initial reactions to Jaco Van Dormael‘s debut feature, Toto the Hero. I stumbled out of the cinema, genuinely warmed-up by what I had been watching, and wandered back to reality. Reality seemed, for a few minutes at least, rather wanting, and from that day forward I held Van Dormael’s work rather close to my heart.

Since Toto, he’s only directed one more released feature film, the romantic fantasy The Eighth Day. That one didn’t have quite the same impact upon me as his debut, but there certainly weren’t any flies on it.

Now the official website for his third film, a very wild and imaginative sci-fi fantasy called Mr. Nobody, has launched – and while as light on information as these things typically are, it does contain very many incredible images – a few of which I tucked under the fold here.

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