MoviePass explains

Last Friday, the monthly theatrical subscription service MoviePass shook things up by announcing that it’s launched MoviePass Ventures, a subsidiary of the main company that will be teaming with other companies to co-acquire the distribution rights for independent films. And at the Sundance Film Festival this past weekend, the company’s CEO gave everyone a peek into his psyche by explaining his approach to acquisition and dissing Netflix, firing back at AMC, and even teasing a new MoviePass update for the company’s app.
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MoviePass Ventures

MoviePass is moving on from the theaters to the movies themselves.

The movie ticket subscription service has launched MoviePass Ventures, a subsidiary that will co-acquire films alongside film distributors with the aim of releasing them theatrically and digitally. With this bold move, MoviePass — which will begin its acquisitions at this year’s Sundance Film Festival — may be able to fill the hole that Amazon Studios could soon be leaving at independent film festivals.

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