Mary Harron is in London to present a retrospective of her work at the Birds Eye View Festival, which celebrates the work of women filmmakers. All three of her prior feature films are screening: I Shot Andy Warhol, American Psycho, and The Notorious Betty Page; and Harron will this afternoon be giving a masterclass and tomorrow be holding court for a Q&A.

In support of this event, Harron has been interviewed for the Guardian. They touch briefly on her long-ago relationship with Tony Blair, the ever-shifting audience reception of her prior work, and also her upcoming projects – the bit that’s probably most interesting to us today, I suppose. This is where Harron reveals she’s currently casting her adaptation of The Moth Diaries. If you don’t know the original novel by Rachel Klein, it’s a vampire story set in a boarding school for girls and definitely has something of the Carmilla about it. I picked up the book a few years ago when I found out Karen Walton was working on a screenplay adaptation. It’s a great story and, chances are, is going to make an exceptional film.

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