miss americana review

Taylor Swift sits in a window box, pouring over the diaries she kept when she was a kid. They’re childish, but they’re also full of big ambitions and dreams. She muses on the super seriousness of some of her words, and amusingly tells us that at one point she went through a phase where she wrote everything with a quill. “I had an inkwell,” she says before rolling her eyes at herself.

This is how Miss Americana begins, and we don’t know it yet, but it’s setting the stage for the story as a whole. This isn’t so much a documentary about Taylor Swift as it is a documentary about Taylor Swift growing up – letting go of childish things and realizing she’s much more than some “good girl.” It’s about a talented young woman spending the bulk of her life in the limelight before realizing she doesn’t have to worry about making everyone happy all the time.

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miss americana trailer

The Netflix doc Miss Americana wants to introduce you to a little known indie sensation. Her name is Taylor Swift – have you heard of her? Of course you have, I’m just being a smart-ass. Taylor Swift is a mega-star – a pop icon known worldwide. But according to Swift herself, she was never really free to be herself – until now. The documentary, which premieres at Sundance, follows Swift during a “transformational period in her life.” Watch the Miss Americana trailer below.

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