It seems like every longtime Hollywood star is trying to revive their best-loved characters right now, so why should Robert De Niro be any different? He’s already working on another Midnight Run, and he’s now publicly acknowledged that he’s not entirely against doing another Raging Bull, either. Also after the jump:

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Two years ago we started to hear that Robert De Niro might reprise his role from the Martin Brest-directed suspense comedy Midnight Run, in which De Niro played a bounty hunter on the trail of a mob accountant (Charles Grodin). There were a lot of questions, chief among which was “why?” Midnight Run is a lively, entertaining movie, but not one that ever demanded a follow-up. Not to mention that Grodin has basically retired from acting.

Soon we heard that, in addition to De Niro, Grodin would be open to doing the film if it didn’t take him far from home, and Martin Brest might even return.

Well, that’s not quite what is happening. While Grodin’s participation remains uncertain, Brest is almost certainly not going to direct, because Brett Ratner is in talks to take that job. Read More »


When we first started to hear about a sequel to the late-’80s buddy comedy/thriller Midnight Run, the word was that only Robert De Niro was expected to return. Original co-star Charles Grodin has more or less retired from acting, and director Martin Brest hasn’t made anything since 2003’s Gigli — seemed like he wouldn’t be the guy tapped to direct the new film.

And yet here we are, with word that both Grodin and Brest are being courted for the return. I honestly can’t decide if this is brilliant, or a misguided ploy to get lightning to strike the same project twice. Read More »


How I wish I could say this sounds like a good idea. Not long ago, when a list of possible Robert De Niro projects was released, we got the first indications that a sequel to Midnight Run might be happening.

Now the sequel really seems to be moving forward, as Universal has hired a screenwriter to come up with a script. Read More »


Who knew that reporting on an actor’s change of agency could be reason to throw out bare tidbits of info about three upcoming films? In a report about Robert De Niro moving to CAA, Nikki Finke drops three little bombs about future projects for the actor. The biggest one is that he will feature in Selma, the upcoming film from Precious director Lee Daniels about Lyndon Johnson, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the voting rights and desegregation campaigns and civil rights marches that centered in Selma, Alabama in the mid-’60s. De Niro would play Alabama governor George Wallace, who was in his first term as governor at the time, and famously pro-segregation.

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