[UPDATE: THR reports that legendary stunt coordinator and second unit director¬†Vic Armstrong is now in negotiations to direct. Armstrong’s previous director credits include episodes of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and the Dolph Lundgren movie Army of One.]

That Biblical epic trend sweeping over Hollywood isn’t stopping at the Old Testament, apparently. Planning has begun on a mainstream cinematic reboot of Left Behind, based on Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins‘ bestselling novels about the end times.

And to replace Kirk Cameron, who starred in the previous movie adaptation of the books, they’ve entered talks with Nicolas Cage. Even by the standards of Cage’s hyper-eclectic career, this is a rather unexpected career choice. More details after the jump.

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Parker Posey is one of those actresses you can count on to turn in an arresting performance even in the clumsiest of movies. So if nothing else, Michael Walker‘s Sundance comedy Price Check has that going for it.

The film centers around family man Pete Cozy (Ugly Betty‘s Eric Mabius) struggling with rising debt and an uninspiring career in grocery store pricing and marketing. His life is upended by the arrival of an ambitious new boss, an obnoxious but powerful force of nature played by Posey. Watch the new trailer after the jump.