Michael Jordan's Playground

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The MovieMichael Jordan’s Playground

Where You Can Stream It: Amazon Prime Video

The Pitch: A boy named Walt (Tyrin Turner) does not make it onto his high school basketball team. Disappointed in himself and his performance, he retreats to a local court and berates himself…until NBA superstar Michael Jordan – who, in real life, also did not make his high school team during his sophomore year – shows up to inspire Walt to become a better player and make the team the next year. All of this is interspersed with NBA highlights of Jordan dominating on the court.

Why It’s Essential Viewing: For years, I always assumed director Zack Snyder‘s first movie was his (very good) remake of Dawn of the Dead, which was released in 2004. And indeed, that was his first theatrically released feature film. But technically, he made a movie before that: Michael Jordan’s Playground, a direct-to-video film about a kid who meets up with Jordan on what may or may not be a magical playground. Read More »