Better Call Saul Season 5

From the Television Critics Association panel presentation by AMC, the network announced the renewal of three shows, including Better Call Saul season 5. But they also have a couple new shows in the works from Forgetting Sarah Marshall star Jason Segel and master filmmaker Park Chan-wook, and they announced the premiere date for the documentary series Eli Roth’s History of Horror. Read More »

The network that brought us Breaking Bad is now taking a bigger picture look at crime. Where the tale of Walter White was the saga of an individual crime empire, AMC’s McMafia looks at organized crime on a global scale.

Based on the book by Misha Glenny, the TV adaptation from Hossein Amini stars James Norton as a British businessman who becomes drawn into the eastern European and middle Eastern mobs with which his family had been connected in the past. Amini spoke with /Film, along with co-creator James Watkins, who directed all eight episodes of McMafia. McMafia premieres Monday, February 26 on AMC.

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Mischa Glenny’s McMafia to Be Moviefied


Mischa Glenny‘s nonfiction account of globalised crime, McMafia, has been optioned by Working Title. It seems likely that the film will take on a format not unlike Traffic, Fast Food Nation or perhaps Syriana, this time rooted in organized crime. Maybe we’ll end up with something like Gomorrah, but on a broader scale.

The book’s central thesis is that the Soviet bloc was a breeding ground for the individuals and requisite abilities that have given rise, since the fall of the Iron Curtain, to an international network of crime organizations. He makes some amazing claims in the book, which seem like the basis for a truly epic crime drama.

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