may the devil take you review

Timo Tjahjanto’s May The Devil Take You has been – and will continue to be–- comparatively crowned Indonesia’s closest Evil Dead reimagining. Possessions, sub-level imprisonment, a house where pure malevolence resides and characters remain trapped. Tjahjanto wears his swankiest on-set suit and Sam Raimi mask, which at times can be quite convincing (a bit more Drag Me To Hell, even). Although, sequences can also remind of Joko Anwar’s Satan’s Slaves – which hits the streaming service Shudder on October 4 – despite Tjahjanto’s banshee scream lacking tonal subtlety. Anwar is to James Wan as Tjahjanto is to Raimi. Anwar a little more accomplished in his mission, but that doesn’t mean Tjahjanto fails to push audiences into his bloody brand of spiritual hijacking.

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Fantastic Fest Recap Day 6

(Welcome to The Fantastic Fest Diaries, where we will be chronicling every single movie we see at the United States’ largest genre film festival.)

Welcome to Fantastic Fest, day six. In this diary entry: Nicole Kidman is a desperate cop on the edge, a shift at a gas station goes terribly wrong in more ways than one, demons invade the prairie, and Director Timo Tjahjanto delivers his brazenly insane take on The Evil Dead.

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