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This holiday season, Mary Poppins Returns, and she means business. The sequel the classic Disney musical finds Emily Blunt taking up Mary’s magic umbrella, and teaming up with Hamilton‘s Lin-Manuel Miranda. Like the original Mary Poppins, this follow-up film is a musical, and you owe it to yourself to stop whatever menial task your performing right now and listen to two Mary Poppins Returns songs below. They’re supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

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Mary Poppins Returns Clip

Sequels dominated the Thanksgiving box office last weekend, including Disney’s sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet. The Christmas season will see yet another sequel from the House of Mouse likely raking in a truckload of cash, too.

Mary Poppins Returns arrives in theaters just before Christmas, and Disney has released a new clip and TV spot from the family friendly musical to announce that tickets are now on sale. Check out both of them below. Read More »

Julie Andrews in Aquaman

With Mary Poppins Returns heading to theaters next month, you might think that it’s a no-brainer that the original film’s star Julie Andrews would be making some kind of appearance in the Disney sequel. However, the actress has already confirmed she didn’t want to take away from Emily Blunt inheriting the role of the magical nanny, so she’s not popping up in Mary Poppins Returns. Instead, another major December release has been graced with the talents of Julie Andrews.

Aquaman has been completely finished for a little while now, with reactions from early screenings already hitting the web and other early screenings planned one week before the film officially hits theaters everywhere. But we’re only just now hearing that Julie Andrews is lending her voice to a certain character in the DC Comics adaptation.

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When we visited the London set of Mary Poppins Returns last year, one thing was said time and time again: this is a sequel, not a remake. This meant that director Rob Marshall and his team had to capture everything that made the 1964 original so charming while also aging it to reflect the passage of time (and more refined audience tastes). Naturally, this meant costumes and sets that captured that familiar magic while also reinventing that magic for a new generation. Here’s how they made it happen.

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I visited the London set of Mary Poppins Returns back in 2017 and came away thoroughly charmed. Director Rob Marshall‘s upcoming sequel to the Disney classic looks to have its heart in the right place every step of the way, complete with two thoroughly charming leads, elaborate musical numbers, and even an extended animation sequence where the cast gets to dance with cartoon animals. It all seems so lovely.

With the film now just over a month away, a new batch of images has arrived alongside a new featurette diving into how the film came together. And because we have even more from our original set visit that didn’t make the initial cut, we’ve packaged it all together with some quotes from Rob Marshall about the new cast, that big animated sequence, and more.

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mary poppins returns sneak peek

Mary Poppins Returns is destined to be another Disney hit, because it continues to look overwhelmingly charming. The sequel to Disney’s 1964 classic finds Emily Blunt taking up the umbrella as magical nanny Mary Poppins, who once again has to help the constantly troubled Banks children. Lin-Manuel Miranda co-stars, along with Meryl Streep and more, with director Rob Marshall at the helm. A new Mary Poppins Returns sneak peek below provides us with yet another delightful look at the film.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda is best known as the writer and star of the Broadway smash Hamilton, but pretty soon, he may be just as well-known for his work in Disney musicals. After snagging an Oscar nomination for his songwriting work on Moana, Miranda steps in front of the camera in Mary Poppins Returns, where he plays a singing and dancing lamplighter named Jack. With Dick Van Dyke’s Burt nowhere to be seen, Jack gets to fill that role in Rob Marshall’s sequel to the Disney classic. It certainly helps that Jack grew up as Burt’s young protege.

When we visited the set of Mary Poppins Returns last year, we sat down with Miranda for a moderated Q&A. He spoke about the differences between working on stage musicals and film musicals, his fondness for the original movie, and getting to meet (and work with) the legendary Dick Van Dyke.

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Any actress who dares take over the role of Mary Poppins from the great Julie Andrews is asking for trouble. Few characters are so iconic, so tied to a single performer. But not every actress is Emily Blunt, the phenomenally talented performer who can play everything from English royalty to badass alien killers. If anyone can play everyone’s favorite magical nanny, it’s her.

While visiting the set of Mary Poppins Returns last year, we were able to spend a few minutes with Blunt for a moderated Q&A, where she spoke about taking over an iconic character, stumbling through dance sequences, and making Mary Poppins her own.

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Last year, I flew across the Atlantic Ocean to visit London, England. Specifically, I visited London, England so I could visit a recreation of London, England on a series of sound stages at Shepperton Studios. But this wasn’t just any recreation of London. This was the London of Mary Poppins Returns, a London full of magic and whimsy and yes, lots and lots of music.

A direct sequel to the 1964 original, Mary Poppins Returns stars Emily Blunt as the magical nanny and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Jack, her new partner-in-song-and-dance. Rob Marshall, the director of Chicago and Into the Woods, is behind the camera and everything we saw on set suggests that this movie should be a delight.

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mary poppins returns trailer

Remember Mary Poppins? She’s back, in sequel form. Mary Poppins Returns resurrects everyone’s favorite supernatural nanny, with Emily Blunt taking over for Julie Andrews. The film finds Mary back to help the next generation of the Banks family, and yes, it looks whimsical as hell. Watch the Marry Poppins Returns trailer below.

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