Runaways season 3 trailer

Runaways, the teen-centric superhero series that’s been chugging along on Hulu since 2017, is coming to an end – but there are still ten new episodes left. Hulu just dropped the trailer for the show’s upcoming third and final season, and while much of it looks pretty dour, at least Elizabeth Hurley seems to be having an absolute blast playing the evil sorceress Morgan le Fay. Read More »

runaways cloak and dagger crossover

Marvel’s Runaways and Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger have little in common apart from sharing the Marvel banner and teenaged casts. Until now. Marvel’s two teenage superhero teams will finally be uniting in a Runaways and Cloak and Dagger crossover episode coming to Hulu this December in Runaways‘ upcoming third season.

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marvel's runaways season 3

Marvel’s Runaways will keep on running for another season. The Marvel teen superhero series has been renewed for a third season by Hulu, which picked up another 10 episodes after the fans came together in overwhelming support for the show. The outpouring of support was so strong that Marvel’s announcement of Marvel’s Runaways season 3 renewal came in a video dedicated to the fans.

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Runaways season 2 spoiler review

Out of all of Marvel’s properties, Runaways had arguably the hardest page-to-screen adaptation. There’s a lot of wacky shit going on in the comics, and all of that wouldn’t transition to screen well – especially in a live-action version. But for Season 2 of the Marvel drama, the series retools and grounds many of these elements, and the result is some of the company’s best television work. Read More »

Runaways season 2 trailer

Hulu has released a new trailer for Marvel’s Runaways, the live-action TV show based on the Brian K. Vaughn and Adrian Alphona comic series. Yep, those teen superheroes and their pet dinosaur are back to battle their supervillain parents Read More »

The Television Critics Association visited the set of Marvel’s Runaways, which featured a familiar home to readers of the comic books. Season 2 will find the Runaways taking shelter in The Hostel. The only difference is it’s no longer under the La Brea Tar Pits. It’s under Griffith Park.

Sitting on the set with graffiti-strewn walls, salvaged computer parts and a pair of sneakers dangling from a chandelier, the cast and creators of Hulu’s Marvel series discussed the second season. Picking up no more than 36 hours after the season finale, Josh Schwartz said the pace of season 2 ramps up from the leisurely first.

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Hulu - March of the Penguins Sequel

Joel Stillerman, Chief Content Officer at Hulu, opened the steaming service’s Television Critics Association panels with a series of announcements about upcoming new projects, including a March of the Penguins sequel, a Catch-22 series starring George Clooney, and a deal with Blumhouse Television for the anthology horror series we heard about recently. Read More »

Runaways early buzz

With Hulu riding high off their first Best Drama win at the Emmys for The Handmaid’s Tale, the streaming service is about to debut their first Marvel series with Marvel’s Runaways later this month. They sent the first four episodes of the show to some TV critics, and the review embargo has officially been lifted. Early buzz: commence!
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runaways trailer

Until now, the trailers for Marvel’s Runaways seemed to lean heavily on the “runaways” element of the title and not the “Marvel” element. It makes sense — the Hulu series is created by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage of The OC fame, and is catered to the young adult demographic, relying on teen soap tropes to bring the characters from the Marvel Comics to life.

But the new Runaways trailer is a little bit more…marvelous. No more cryptic cult imagery or flashes of mysterious white light — it’s magical staffs and genetically engineered dinosaurs galore. That’s right Runaways fans, Old Lace is here.

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Runaways Trailer

Another day, another Marvel adaptation! This time, the Marvel comic Runaways jumps from the page to the screen with a new Hulu series. The first trailer for the show has just arrived, teasing a very different sort of comic book series. Watch the first Runaways trailer below.

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