kraven director

J.C. Chandor, the director of Triple Frontier and All is Lost, is in talks to direct Kraven the Hunter, Sony’s live-action movie centering on the notorious Spider-Man villain from Marvel Comics. The film has been in development for years, and Richard Wenk (The Equalizer) wrote the screenplay. Chandor’s previous filmography makes him an odd choice to tackle a big budget project like this. Read More »

Michael Jackson Marvel

Michael Jackson‘s legacy is complicated, to say the least. For the purposes of this piece, I’m going to avoid all discussion of the allegations against the late King of Pop (please look into that yourself if you somehow haven’t heard about it and make up your own mind about what did or didn’t happen) and just move straight into trivia territory.

Did you know that Michael Jackson wanted to buy Marvel in the 1990s? This information has been floating around for years, but since it’s new to me, and it’s otherwise a slow news day, I figured we might as well share it in case there are others who have never heard about this before. Imagine, if you will, a world in which Michael Jackson suited up to play Peter Parker in a movie. Because that’s the world Jackson wanted to live in.
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marvel television

As Disney+ gets ready to launch its slew of Marvel-based television shows via Marvel Studios, the fate of Marvel Television is up in the air. Marvel Television was previously leading the TV-based Marvel entertainment, including now-canceled Netflix shows likeĀ Daredevil. ButĀ insiders are reporting that Kevin Feige‘s Marvel Studios is taking the reigns on the TV projects, especially those for Disney+. On top of that, Feige and company are planning bigger-budgeted shows that will strive to look as close to the Marvel Studios movies as possible.

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