Mars and beyond

(Welcome to Out of the Disney Vault, where we explore the unsung gems and forgotten disasters currently streaming on Disney+.)

These days, Disney has become the king of acquiring IPs and turning them into the cash cows of popular entertainment. But once upon a time, they also dared to collaborate with the top scientific minds of the time, and make art that could show us what we could achieve if we set our minds to it — like kickstart the Space Race.

With everyone stuck at home and with the future not looking particularly bright, it’s the perfect time for some good old-fashioned Disney optimism. And what better way to experience that optimism than with a pseudo-documentary that uses animation to imagine the strange lifeforms that could live on Mars?

The result is Mars and Beyond, part of a series of three documentaries that not only featured some of the best animation in TV at the time, but also helped sell the American public on space travel.

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