Over the past couple of years, Scott Cooper‘s name has popped up in association with a number of projects, including The Hatfields and the McCoysLie Down in DarknessGangster SquadUnbroken, and most recently, The Emperor’s Children. But in fact, he hasn’t helmed another movie since his acclaimed 2009 directorial debut Crazy Heart. Now the latest picture to come his way is The Man in the Rockefeller Suit, an adaptation of Mark Seal‘s nonfiction book about a con man who spent decades passing himself off as part of the Rockefeller family. More details after the jump.

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In 2004, Vanity Fair published an article co-authored by Hunter S. Thompson and Mark Seal called Prisoner of Denver. The subject, in a broad sense, was Colorado’s legal system and the potential for injustice within it. Specifically, the article looked at the case of Lisl Auman, who was charged with murder and sentenced to life, despite the fact that the crime for which she was convicted took place while she was already in police custody.

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