Hammer Trailer

There have been plenty of drug deals that have gone south on the big screen, resulting in car chases, shootouts, and a variety of threatening bad guys. But writer/director Christian Sparkes takes a grounded approach to these heightened scenarios with the new thriller Hammer, which finds a father and son (Will Patton of Remember the Titans and Mark O’Brien of Halt and Catch Fire) desperately trying to fix a fucked-up situation in order to save their family. Read More »

John Hawkes Cast in ‘Surrogate’

The last couple years have been good for John Hawkes. A career of smallish roles and a few very notable attention-getting turns (a notable Deadwood character, the lead in Me and You and Everyone We Know) led to Easbound and Down. With a raised his profile the actor ended up in the excellent film Winter’s Bone, for which he was nominated for an Oscar. While he didn’t win, that’s a pretty huge step for a guy who audiences might not have recognized on the street just a few years ago.

He’s got a role in the Sundance fave Martha Marcy May Marlene, has shot a part in Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion and is now staying indie with the drama Surrogate, based on the life of poet and journalist Mark O’Brien. Read More »