UPDATE: Due to a misunderstanding, I originally stated that Marfa Girl would be available online for just 24 hours. In fact, it will be available online indefinitely; purchasing a streaming pass at any time will give viewers access to the film for 24 hours. Original story follows.

As major studios think up ways to try to get audiences back into theaters, indie filmmakers and distributors are embracing the new opportunities presented by the Internet. YouTube, Vimeo, and the like let anyone with an Internet connection offer their projects for public consumption, and the pre-theatrical VOD release has become a key component of the rollout strategy for lower-profile flicks.

Among those taking full advantage of the Internet is Kids director Larry Clark, whose latest feature Marfa Girl will only ever be released online — there’s are no DVD/Blu-ray sales or a theatrical opening planned for its future. And though most things on the Internet seem to last forever, Clark is making it an event of sorts by offering it for 24 hours only. Hit the jump to find out how you can watch it.

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