Kevin Smith to Direct A Couple of Dicks?

a couple of dicks

For a while now, Kevin Smith has been trying t get his indie horror film Red State off the ground. But by the director’s own admission, the project isn’t exactly marketable, and the plan was to film it on the cheap with no big stars. It seemed obvious to me that the film is going to take a few years to get off the ground, and won’t be going into production any time soon.

Now ERC Box Office is reporting that Kevin Smith will be directing a movie called A Couple of Dicks for Warner Bros. This will be a big departure for Smith — not only is the film being produced outside of Miramax/The Weinstein Co (aka his first big studio film), but this would be the first feature film project that Smith didn’t write himself. Recently Smith has made comments on his podcast, Smodcast, that he wouldn’t be against directing someone else’s screenplay, a possibility he had ruled out in his earlier years. It should be noted that Smith has tested the waters by directing the pilot episode of the CW television show Reaper.
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