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After a three-year absence from the big screen, Sach Baron Cohen returned with this year’s The Brothers Grimsby and Alice Through the Looking Glass. The action-comedy was one of the first box-office bombs of the year, while the recent Disney sequel failed to live up to expectations. Cohen doesn’t have any other projects that we know of currently scheduled for release, but he’s just signed on to play Mandrake the Magician, the comic book hero created in 1934 by Lee Falk.

Below, learn more about the Mandrake the Magician movie.

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What a strange comic hero was Mandrake the Magician. Created by Lee Falk, who would go on to create The Phantom (slam evil!), Mandrake was written as a magician whose prime skill was the ability to hypnotize people really, really fast. Using this technique he could induce hallucinations, and for some reason he went into crime fighting rather than politics.

Mandrake’s adventures, aided as he was by the African “Prince of the Seven Nations” Lothar, also called the Strongest Man in the World, aren’t exactly, let’s say, timely. Mandrake kinda makes John Carter look like Mark Zuckerberg.

But damn the torpedoes, Warner Bros. is becoming the latest company to try its hand at developing a Mandrake film. Will it feature a made-over version of the character a la Warners’ recent Sherlock Holmes? But of course! Read More »