Major Matt Mason Movie

Tom Hanks failed to land on the moon in the real life story of Apollo 13 in 1995. But Paramount Pictures will soon have the Oscar winner spend plenty of time on the lunar surface thanks to a new feature film inspired by a classic Mattel action figure.

Major Matt Mason is an astronaut action figure who was created in the 1960s when the United States was competing with the Soviet Union in the heated space race to be the first to land on the moon. And now Tom Hanks will play the character in a movie based on the popular toy. Find out more about the Major Matt Mason movie below. Read More »

In 2011, before shooting his new movie Flight, which is playing film festivals now, Robert Zemeckis started considering a new film with Tom Hanks. Major Matt Mason is co-written by Hanks and Graham Yost, and is called “a live-action family film about space adventure.”

We haven’t heard much about the project since then, but now with Zemeckis bringing Flight into theaters, Hanks is talking about the space-bound movie once again. Looks like the project may actually go ahead, with independent financing as the financial fuel. Read More »

Looks like Robert Zemeckis really has kicked the motion-capture habit for the time being. As previously reported, the director will be making his return to live-action filmmaking with the hero pilot drama Flight, starring Denzel Washington. Now, he’s in talks to add another live-action film to his slate — Major Matt Mason, based on a Mattel toy from the ’60s. Frequent Zemeckis collaborator Tom Hanks is set to produce with partner Gary Goetzman through their company Playtone Productions, and will be starring as well. Read more after the jump.

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