Mad Max Fury Road review

Mad Max: Fury Road is fearless behind the wheel, a vivid collection of action setpieces unified by a dream of upending the very concept of the action hero. In 1981, director and co-writer George Miller used concepts from Jung and Joseph Campbell to supercharge the image of the screen hero for The Road Warrior, a return to the Mad Max character he created with Mel Gibson, but Fury Road’s version of heroism is even more forward-thinking.

Fury Road implicitly acknowledges that Miller’s old heroic conception may have been incomplete. It pairs Tom Hardy as Max with a woman named Furiosa, played with controlled yet intuitive ferocity by Charlize Theron. He’s the hero as raw energy; she is that energy channeled in a way that might be able to build a society.

With Theron and Hardy in the lead roles and Miller again in the driver’s seat, Fury Road isn’t just good enough to obliterate the lingering sting of the last film (Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, released in 1985), but so good that it rivals The Road Warrior and shames all of Hollywood’s current action tendencies. This film develops its own specific ambition by placing dueling concepts about heroism into the framework of one of the best action movies I’ve ever seen. Read More »

Fury Road press conference

Because The Road Warrior is one of the best and most pure action films ever made, we’ve been clocking the development of Fury Road for years. Our first coverage was back in 2008, and the announcement that Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy could be in the film dates back to ’09. News that director George Miller has written not one, but two sequels goes back to 2011.

So the Comic Con appearance of Mad Max: Fury Road was a great pleasure. The fact that the film was among the most striking things we saw at SDCC 2014 was even more impressive; after all those years in development, who knew what to expect? We’ve shown you the trailer, and now you can watch the whole Fury Road press conference, in which Miller and producer Doug Mitchell discuss the film’s development, story, and production. We’ve also gone back to a TV appearance Miller did several years ago, talking about the film. Read More »

new mad max fury road image

The fourth film in the Mad Max series, Mad Max: Fury Road, doesn’t land in theaters for another year. And, despite the fact that most of the film shot over a year in the past (the first round of photography finished in December 2012) we’ve seen almost nothing from the rather unlikely new chapter in the series. But now stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron have landed on the cover of EW. The photo is really the first good color shot of Tom Hardy as Mad Max, and one of the first released pictures of Theron in her role, period.

Update #1: Many more photos have been released, along with a new synopsis. All that is below.

Update #2: Some interesting concept art has been revealed as well. See it after the jump. Read More »

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Set for May 2015 Release


Warner Bros. has chosen a berth for the fourth Mad Max film from writer/director George Miller. Mad Max: Fury Road, in which Tom Hardy takes over the title role from original star Mel Gibson, will be in theaters (in 3D) on May 15, 2015. That’s two weeks after Avengers: Age of Ultron and one week before Brad Bird’s TomorrowlandRead More »

We’ve got a lot of odds and ends to cover in today’s Sequel Bits, so let’s get right to it. After the jump:

  • MIB3 helmer says shooting with an incomplete script was either “genius” or “really stupid”
  • Vehicles from Mad Max: Fury Road revealed
  • Benedict Cumberbatch says lovely things about his Star Trek 2 colleauges
  • Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 may have a new title
  • Percy Jackson casts stars from Community, Reno 911!, and Dodgeball
  • Chris Tucker is not so excited for Friday 4

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A warning to all actors: be very specific (if you can) when talking about potential projects. Over the weekend a few sites did the LA junket for Edge of Darkness, and one of the first questions to star Mel Gibson was, naturally, about his potential involvement in George Miller‘s new Mad Max movie. When Gibson didn’t explicitly say that he would not make an appearance some wondered if the door was open for a cameo. Now the actor has been explicit in another interview, leaving no room for supposition. Gibson has also offered some details about his proposed Viking movie. Read More »

Somewhere down in Australia, work is racing ahead on George Miller‘s Mad Max 4: Fury Road, even as I type. Not many details are becoming public knowledge, though we do know that Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron apparently have the lead roles and we’ve even seen some of the car-stars on video. While the film’s plotline, timeframe and relationship to the last three installments remain largely shrouded in secrecy, every little scrap of news is premium. Excuse me then, for being quite excited about the latest developments.

First of all, it has been reported that the film will be in 3D. Maybe calculating that is not rocket science, what with this ‘Avatar effect’ in full swing and all. Seondly, the story goes that the film is to combine live action with animation. Sure, just about every genre film does that these days, but to even mention it suggests that the quotient of animation will be quite high.

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George Miller has appeared on ABC News in Australia, showing off the cars he’s having built for Mad Max 4 and discussing his plans for the movie. This includes some hard facts on the casting. After a short sharp burst of rumours, it’s good to get some straight and low-down.

You can see the video embedded below the break.

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The New Mad Max: Jeremy Renner?


Go see The Hurt Locker and try not to emerge as a big fan of Jeremy Renner; I’d say that’s close to impossible. Then read his comments to his hometown paper (The Modesto Bee, via AICN) about one project he’s trying to move forward. “I’m also fighting to do the new Mad Max film with George Miller. That might be next summer. I’m screen-testing and meeting George Miller.” I got really excited reading that. Suddenly the idea of a new Mad Max movie seems a lot more tantalizing. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Last we head, a big screen adaptation of Justice League might not be as dead as we first believed. /Film reader Alex Litel stumbled across the website for Dr. D Studios, a Australian-based “digital media company” formed by Omnilab Media Group and filmmaker George Miller. The website not only lists Happy Feet 2 as being “In Production” and Babe 3, Fury Road and Justice League of America being in “Pre-Production”. The company is actually at the Siggraph conference this week “actively hiring” for “several large scale film projects with a growing team of top talent from Australia and beyond.” The following quote also appears in a press release for the company’s Siggraph booth:

“We are currently working on Happy Feet 2, with several other film projects to follow and we are actively hiring,” states a press release.

Also, hidden in a press release from May is the following: “Omnilab Media has also created a new digital film company with Kennedy Miller Mitchell to use groundbreaking digital storytelling, animation and visual effects. This will include HAPPY FEET 2, BABE 3 & MAD MAX 4 and a range of other blue-chip properties in development.” That’s right, Mad Max 4! Alex also discovered the resume of Ken Steel, who is currently working as a lead animator for Miller’s company:

“Responsibilities include, working as part of a small creative team designed to aid George Miller in defining a creative direction for current and future productions such as Justice League of America, Happy Feet 2, Babe 3, and Mad Max 4.”

From all of the information gathered from a few google searches, it appears that Happy Feet 2 is a definite, and Miller is exploring sequels from some of his other franchises. One must wonder how far along in development Mad Max 4 or Babe 3 might be. And Justice League… I don’t want to wonder.