‘The Woman’ Trailer

This one isn’t pretty. Lucky McKee‘s exploitation film The Woman earned instant notoriety this past January at Sundance when a man was caught on video excoriating the film as he stormed out of a screening. That probably meant his reaction was just as the director hoped. The Woman, after all, is about a family man who finds a feral woman in the woods and decides to take her home and chain her up for his own purposes. Just based on that description you could likely predict that the trailer, below, is not safe for work. Read More »


Lucky McKee‘s May is, not to put too fine a point on it, one of the best horror films of the last decade. Angela Bettis starred in the title role, a lonely young lady who is moved to extreme measures in her search for a friend. Bettis and McKee later reteamed on the Masters of Horror episode Sick Girl and the short film Blue Like You, as well as in inverted roles when Bettis directed McKee in Roman. Furthermore, McKee’s failure to secure Bettis a role seems to have played a part in his rescinding directorship of the adaptation of Jack Ketchum‘s Red during production.

Those of us waiting for the beautiful alchemy of McKee, Bettis and Jack Ketchum to make its way to the big screen in an unadulterated form have just received some great news as they’re all lined up to collaborate on Offspring: The Woman, a sequel to last year’s Offspring. That film was written by Ketchum from his own book and part two has been penned by McKee and Ketchum together as both a screenplay and novel.

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