Every year around Comic Con time I start thinking of older or lesser-known comics that would be great on screen. (Time to run a list, I know.) One that has long been in mind is Matt Wagner‘s Mage. The series depicts the adventures of an ordinary, down on his luck guy who meets a mage and discovers that he has a greater destiny than he’d ever suspected. Wagner’s art and scripting are powerful, simple and direct, and Mage could make a hell of a film.

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Lloyd Levin has been the prime mover on more than a few big comic book adaptations; the two Hellboy films and Watchmen are big marks on his resume. Now, according to Variety, he’s taken the screen rights to Echo, a comic book series by Strangers in Paradise creator Terry Moore. The series, which began in March of 2008 and has run twelve issues so far, follows Julie Martin, a photographer who witnesses a military exercise gone wrong and subsequently is involved with atomic powers and a secret military power suit. Read More »

Watchmen fans who have even a passing familiarity with the legal troubles brought about by Fox’s lawsuit against Warner Brothers can probably guess how the folks at Warner Brothers feel about the whole thing: After surviving the arduous process of developing and creating a film now surrounded by immense buzz all over the Web and in comic book circles, Warner Brothers found itself being taken to court by a studio whose top-earning film this past summer was What Happens In Vegas. How would you feel about it?

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“Tonight, we’ll grill some tuna, have a lil’ vino, some kissy kissy, it’ll be great!”


In my opinion, MEG has maintained dibbs on “Award for Best Boner Shorts Concept Art” for a few years running. The 80-foot prehistoric pissed off shark movie–think death metal to Jaws‘s hep jazz–needs to happen no matter what. Recently, The L.A. Times published an update about the feature adaptation of author Steve Alten‘s 1997 page turner, that also rewinds MEG‘s stint in Hollywood production hell.

The good? We still have the concept art. The pretty good? The film has a solid new financier, Appelles Publishing Inc. in Virginia, with three producers, including Watchmen producers Lloyd Levin and Lawrence Gordon, now riding the wave (the one with the 70,000 pound shark in it). This may finally happen! The bad? It’s MEG, a pricey fever dream even for an American blockbuster. The ugly? The fourth MEG book (due this summer) is entitled MEG: Hell’s Aquarium. (What would Peter Benchley say?)

You might recall that earlier this decade, director Jan de Bont (Speed, Speed 2: Jason Patrick) was close to steering the film into reality for New Line. Producers at the time included Guillermo del Toro and’s Nick Nunziata. In a funny tidbit from the LAT article, MEG‘s creator, Alten, who sees this as a “billion dollar film franchise,” laughs remembering that one rejected script “stuck wings on the shark.” Somebody please email me that concept art! That is more friggin’ ‘tarded than Spinal Tap’s Shark Sandwich. Are we talking fairy wings or dragon wings?

Discuss: Do you believe in MEG? Who should direct MEG? What should MEG 4 be subtitled? Wings or no wings? Would you see MEG if Uwe Boll directed it? Michael Bay? Jason Reitman?