One near-constant in the Christopher Nolan Batman movies is that he doesn’t spend much time detailing the origins of the villains in each film. (Two-face being an exception, as his origin is woven into The Dark Knight.) The Dark Knight Rises goes into a bit more detail than the two movies that precede it, as it gives us some hint about how the characters that exist at the beginning of the film got to be who they are. But in reality, there’s really not much backstory for Tom Hardy‘s villain Bane.

That’s not how it always was. In a recent interiview, the film’s costume designer tells of a Bane sequence that would have provided a look into the character’s early days. Naturally, spoilers follow for The Dark Knight Rises. Read More »

What happens when you blend The Avengers with the popular TV show Friends? Is Marvel planning multiple Avengers video games? Where can you purchase the actual movie-used props of Thor‘s hammer or Captain America‘s shield? Which comic book is on pace to outperform Justice League #1? What influences did the costume designer for The Dark Knight Rises bring into the Bane outfit? How many superhero films has Jon Hamm been offered? And how did Joss Whedon seek to differentiate his Hulk from the previous films? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits. Read More »