antebellum lily cowles interview

It’s Lily Cowles‘ Sarah who gets to say the opening text of Antebellum: “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” It’s a quote by William Faulkner around which directors Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz frame their horror film, the idea that racism is as well and truly alive as it was in the Antebellum South. But Cowles’ character, despite being a “woke” friend and ally to her Black friends, Janelle Monae‘s Veronica and Gabourey Sidibe‘s Dawn, is the one character who doesn’t really experience this during the film.

“I think that Sarah is a very realistic real woman,” Cowles told /Film in a Zoom interview ahead of the VOD release of Antebellum. “I think that so many people can and will relate to, and I hope that it is a call to action for women, for all for people to open their eyes to the ways that people of color experience microaggressions in a way that you know, white people don’t.”

Read our interview with Cowles below.

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