LEGO Masters

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The Series: LEGO Masters

Where You Can Stream It: Hulu

The Pitch: Based on the hit British reality-competition series of the same name, LEGO Masters brings in teams of two brick builders in a friendly competition where imagination, design, and creativity are king. Hosted by Will Arnett, the series features a variety of LEGO challenges that ask teams to impress a pair of judges by creating mind-blowing LEGO builds, including massive skyscrapers, incredibly detailed dioramas, and much more. The prize? The ultimate LEGO trophy and $100,000.

Why It’s Essential Viewing: American reality TV competitions are notorious for being fairly cutthroat. So it’s nice when one comes along that features friendly competition and inspiring camaraderie throughout the contest. It also helps that LEGO Masters features some of the most amazing building brick creations you’ve ever seen. Read More »