Justin Lin is continuing his run with Universal. While the director began his career with the indie Better Luck Tomorrow, but diverted through Annapolis and ended up making the last three films in the Fast and the Furious franchise. Not a bad thing as far as financial stability goes, but it seems like the guy wants to do more.

Sure, he dropped out of remaking Highlander, but that’s probably a good idea. And he’s got a gig lined up directing Fast Six, or whatever it will be called, also probably a good idea from a certain career perspective. But after that? Lin has signed a two-film deal with Universal that will cover FF6 and another film. One of those may be Leading Man, or a WWII film about the 442nd Infantry Regiment, the all-Japanese American regiment that was also the most-decorated WWII unit. Read More »

The Internet: “I just knew after Wanted made a killing, pun intended, that Hollwood would greenlight more comic book movies about assassins. I just knew it, so I’m blogging about it. ‘Cause I’m psychic.” Anyhow, Matthew Fox (Lost, Racer X) is in deep talks to star as the title hit man in Billy Smoke, one of those movies based on a comic book that’s announced before its source material hits the stands a la Cowboys & Aliens. No director is attached. Here’s the logline:

Story centers on an elite hit man who’s nearly killed during a botched job and realizes that his only way to find redemption is to rid the world of all assassins.

More promising is that Billy Smoke was sparked from the brain of writer B. Clay Moore, the co-creator of Image’s excellent ongoing series Hawaiian Dick (yes, recommended). Also kicking ass is Oni Press, which has adaptations like Scott Pilgrim with Michael Cera, The Last Call and Moore’s own Hollywood spy spoof Leading Man, in the movie oven, and will publish Smoke next year. No teaser art is available. Anyone remember when Johnny Knoxville was attached to New Line’s adaptation of Hawaiian Dick? Daltry Calhoun aside, I still think he could have pulled it off to a T. Bummer it didn’t happen.

via Variety