Sex Swap Sci-Fi Story Cycler Coming to Cinemas


Angryfilms have an obvious taste for projects with real clear hooks and bold high concepts and their latest acquisition is no different. Seemingly blending PMS metaphor with a little bit of Mr. Jekyll and Dr. Hyde, the Cycler novels introduce us to Jill, a typically fairly normal teenage girl, and Jack, the boy she metamorphoses into for four days of the month. It’s a full transformation, too, with every bit of her body altered – there’s a new challenge for Rick Baker, if he wants it.

According to the plot synopses I have found scattered across the web, Jill’s family keep Jack to the house and none of Jill’s friends are allowed inside knowledge of her odd condition. This becomes an explosive situation when Jack, being a teenage boy after all, decides he can’t follow these rules and full of resent for Jill, gets free and makes a break for her social circle with mischief in mind.

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