For the last five months or so, MTV’s Splash Page have been all over Rick Remender like spit on my stubble. First they ran a story that his comic strip Fear Agent was in development as a movie; then that a Last Days of American Crime movie was also on the cards; and now, finally, that his porn-stars vs. the walking dead series XXXombies has also been tapped for adaptation into a screenplay. I thought we might as well do them all at once, eh?

All three comics have eminently marketable concepts, though XXXombies does seem a touch too similar to Zombies, Zombies, Zombies and Zombie Strippers to have much obvious novelty as a film. Thankfully, novelty has absolutely no bearing on the actual value of a work of art. After the crease, I’ll give a basic summary of the premise for each of the three films and share a few quotes from Remender.

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