A Little Context for the New Kick Ass Photos

HitFix have published three new official images from Matthew Vaughan’s Kickass, one of which you can see above. I think I can  more or less where each fits in the screenplay, and thought I might provide you a little bit of context to clue you in, the better to understand the images.

In the first you see Aaron Johnson as Dave Lizewski, the titular Kickass, in full costume and posing with two batons.  As he’s looking into the lens, I thought it most likely comes from an early scene in which he poses in front of a mirror.  The scene begins with Dave in his underwear, looking lost and alone, but a package has arrived and when he opens it, he pulls out his Kickass gear, suits up and is immediately transformed.

Making Dave look like a kid when he’s out of costume is going to be crucial to making the film work, to capturing the absurdity of this being just a normal child going out and risking their life. Read More »